Extensive materials knowledge and expertise, backed by the world’s leading material manufacturers

Whatever the application; acoustic, insulation, weight-saving, thermal efficiency, sealing or vibration we understand the options and have the expertise to advise on the ideal solution.

Woven & Non wovens

Extensive options for woven and non-woven materials for custom applications as well as material combinations that offer indivdually tailored solutions for interior and underbonnet NVH & thermal management.

Foam rubbers

Diverse foam rubber solutions with a wide variety of performance characteristics for specific applications, including EPDM, Neoprene, open and closed-cell foams and Basotect.



We are a leading UK supplier and only approved converter for the globally recognised 3M Thinsulate range of materials that offer proven and tested acosutic performance.

Linings & coatings

Material performance and product attributes can be enhanced with the application of a variety of linings including foil, adhesive or moisture barriers to create bespoke solutions in challenging areas of the vehicle.

Rubber mouldings & technical plastics

Durable and high performance moulded rubber often used for underbonnet applications as well as technical plastics that can be utilised as effective metal replacements with technically robust heat, oil, and chemical resistance.
Recyclable products

Recyclable foam

Working with raw material suppliers, we have a range of material options that fulfil our customers’ requirements for greener, more sustainable materials. These are also pivotal to maximising our own green commitments for material utilisation, waste reduction and recycling, as part of our circular waste stream policy.