Cutting-edge manufacturing technology

A high degree of manufacturing automation and CNC-controlled equipment ensures we always plan for optimal material usage and minimal wastage whilst maintaining high levels of precision and product consistency. Continous investment in new equipment and training means we always meet conistently high levels of quality and output.

Design, prototyping and testing

Collaborating closely with customer design and engineering teams, we manage the complete product development cycle from prototype through manufacturing trials to full production.

Die-cutting and kiss-cutting

Precision cutting, maximising material utilisation for a wide variety of material and material combinations to retain the integrity of the material and adhesive backings.

Thermoforming & heat sealing

Extensive thermoforming and heat sealing capabilty enables the 3D forming and edge sealing of many materials in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

5 axis cutting/routing

Automated, high precision cutting for complex 2D & 3D shapes in a wide range of materials, even for super-size products.

Knife cutting

CNC-controlled cutting enables uniform production at high volume, cutting complex shapes in flexible and solid material with varying thicknesses.

Lamination and coating

Extensive ability to combine, laminate or coat materials to enhance or extend the capabilities and performance criiteria for diverse product applications.


Integration assembly and fixing of components to deliver production-line-ready parts.

Rubber and plastic moulding

High volume rubber and plastic injection mouldings for engineered components with demanding performance characteristics. 3D printed samples for pre-production evaluation & testing.