Innovative, cost-effective product solutions

Innovative, tailor-made solutions that perform to high standards in a multitude of applications; intermally, externally and in the engine bay.
Bulk head liner


Diverse NVH products such as space fillers, roof and bonnet linings, bumper baffles and anti-vibration tapes,all of which contribute to enhancing vehicle performance and perceived quality.

Heat protection

Products designed to contain, dissipate or protect from heat in the most effective way; either in the cabin, engine bay or around EV batteries.

Ducting, air and fluid distribution

Innovative, lightweight ducting, engine bay hoses and pipework to provide efficient and stable distribution of air, fuel and oils around the vehicle.

Interior and exterior protection

Effective protection for areas of the vehicle exposed to potential damage either on the production line or in transportation.


Tapes, seals and gaskets geared to superior sealing performance for critical areas to ensure optimal protection against ingress and leakage of air, fluids and dust particles.
Battery Insulation

EV Battery insulation and protection

Design of bespoke components manufactured using specialist foam with enhanced thermal conductivity that dissipates heat and reduces vibration, contributing to improved performance and extended EV battery life.